District has three Tehsils and two Sub Tehsils.

Tehsils are headed by Tehsildars .The Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar, are the Key officer in the revenue administration and exercise powers of the Assistant Collector 2nd grade. While deciding partition cases; the Tehsildar assumes the powers of Assistant Collector 1st grade. Their main task being revenue collection, the Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar have to tour extensively in their areas. The revenue record and the crop statistics are also maintained by them.

The Tahsildars and Naib-Tahsildars are responsible for collection of land revenue and other dues payable to the Government. To remain in touch with the subordinate revenue staff, to observe the seasonal conditions and condition of crops, to listen to the difficulties of the cultivators and to distribute the taccavi loans, the Tahsildar and Naib-Tahsildars extensively tour the areas in their jurisdiction. They decide urgent matters on the spot, like correction of entries in the account books, providing relief to the people faced with natural calamities, etc. On their return from tour, they prepare reports and recommend to the Government remission or suspen-sionofland revenue and bring the records uptodate. They also sit in the courts to settle disputes of tenancy, arrears of rent ejectment of tenants, entries in account books, etc. besides doing other kind of work.

The Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars in the district are assisted by the following revenue staff:-

  • Officer Kanungos
  • Assistant Officer Kanungos
  • Field Kanungos
  • Peshi Kanungo
  • Agrarian Kanungo
  • Patwaris
Sub Division Tehsils Sub Tehsils
Jagadhri Jagadhri Saraswati Nagar
Radaur Radaur
Bilaspur Bilaspur
Partap nagar