Mela Kapal Mochan

Gurudwara Kapal Mochan

Famous historical and religious Kapal mochan Mela will held on the eve of Kartik Purnima at Bilaspur. Round about 10 lacs pilgrims will take a holy dip on the pious sarovars on that day.
Kapal Mochan is also known as Gopal Mochan. It is about 17-km northeast of Jagadhari town. It is an ancient place of pilgrimage to both Hindus & Sikhs. Its importance is evident from the fact that its name appears at numerous places in Mahabharata and Puranas. Kapal Mochan has been described as famous in all the three mythological worlds. It is the destroyer of all sins. The devotees get rid of sins by taking a dip in the sacred tank. Kapal Mochan is a natural hollow near the bank of Saraswati River. This place was also visited by Guru Gobind Singh after the battle of Bhangani in 1679 AD on his way to Paonta Sahib. He stayed and worshipped here for 52 days. His soldiers cleaned their weapons and tested them to meet future challenges. He gave a copper plate having his signature as memento to the chief priest of Kapal Mochan. Dropati and five Pandavas also visited this holy place.