Panchayat Department

Role of Panchayat Department at the District Level

The Panchayat Department at the district level plays a crucial role in the administration and functioning of the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), ensuring effective local governance and development. Here are the key functions and responsibilities:

Coordination and Supervision:

The department coordinates with Gram Panchayats (village level), Panchayat Samitis (block level), and Zila Parishads (district level) to ensure seamless governance and the implementation of development programs.

Resource Allocation:

It oversees the allocation and disbursement of financial resources to various PRIs. This includes managing funds from central, state, and district budgets earmarked for rural development projects.

Capacity Building:

The department conducts training and capacity-building programs for elected Panchayat members and officials to enhance their skills in governance, planning, and management.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

It regularly monitors the activities and performance of PRIs, ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to policies. This includes auditing financial transactions and evaluating the impact of development projects.

Policy Implementation:

The district Panchayat Department ensures the implementation of state and central government policies at the grassroots level. It helps in translating policy decisions into actionable plans that can be executed by the PRIs.

Dispute Resolution:

It acts as a mediator in resolving disputes within and between Panchayats, thereby maintaining harmony and smooth functioning of local governance.

Support and Guidance:

The department provides technical and administrative support to PRIs, assisting them in preparing development plans, managing resources, and addressing local issues effectively.

Community Engagement:

It fosters community participation by encouraging local residents to take an active role in governance and development activities, ensuring that the needs and aspirations of the community are addressed.

Through these roles, the Panchayat Department at the district level is pivotal in promoting decentralized governance, empowering local communities, and driving rural development.

Sr Block Name No. of Panchayats
1 Jagadhri 67 Sarpanch Details

Panch Details

2 Chhachhrauli 81
3 Radaur 71
4 Sadhaura 43
5 Bilaspur 97
6 Saraswati Nagar 76
7 Partap Nagar 54