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District Revenue Officer

The work of the District Revenue Officer is to assist the Deputy Commissioner to supervise the work of the Tehsildars, Naib tehsildars and sub Registrar working in the District. For proper scrutinising and for the smooth working of the work of Revenue officers, there are seven branches namely, Sadar Kanungo Br., Flood Branch, District Revenue Accounts Branch, Head Registration Branch, Copying Agency, Vernacular Record Room and Ligh Migh Branch who work under the District Revenue Officer. Apart from this, the District Revenue Officer, YamunaNagar has been entrusted the Land Acquisition work of those Departments where no separate land Acquisition Officer is provided. The activities and achievement of each Branch of the office of Deputy Commissioner, YamunaNagar working under the control of District Revenue Officer,YamunaNagar is as under:-

Sadar Kanungo Branch

The main function of this branch is to keep the records of the land regarding ownership and cultivation upto date. For this purpose, there is one record room of Land records where jamabandies of the whole of the district is kept. Not only this, the Mussavies prepared by the consolidation staff at the time of consolidation are also kept in this record room. According to the instruction of the Govt. the entire Jamabandies of this District are being computerized. All the Jamabandies of the district has been computerized. As this branch deals with the records of Agriculturists prepared by the Field Staff Patwaries, Kanugo and Naib Tehsildar and Tehsildar, as such the grievances of the agriculturists against the patwaries and Kanugoes are also dealt by this branch.

District Revenue Accounts Branch.

The function of this Branch is to maintain the accounts of recovery of Govt. Dues i.e. Land Revenue, rate and dues of other govt. Departments Board, Corporation and Banks etc. Besides this, the branch also deals with the work of allotment and leasing out of Nazul Land; fixation of market rate of the land and the disposal of the acquired abandoned land.

Head Registration Branch

This branch deals with the work of registration at the Registrar level and also examines the work done by the Sub-Registrars. The old record of registration is also available in this Br. The effected persons may get the copy of the same, if they so desire.

Flood Branch

The main function of this Br. is to control the flood and other natural calamities. At the time of crisis, this Branch provides direct help and to the public by providing relief equipment & trained personnel. The information regarding sufferers from natural calamities like flood, dryness, house collapse etc. is brought to the notice of the Govt. through this Br. and the relief provided by the Govt. to the sufferers is also distributed amongst the sufferee by this Br. through Revenue Officers.

Copying Agency

The main function of this Br. is to provide the certified copies of all public documents  consigned in the record room of Land Record and of the Revenue Records jamabandies etc. the court cases decided or undecided to the concerned persons or their counsels on their demand.

Ligh Migh Branch

The function of this Br. is to provide financial aid in the shape of loan on nominal interest for the construction of house to the person having either low income or middle income group. This Br. also recovers the loan amount disbursed by this Branch.