Devotional Side

Bilaspur & Kapal Mochan :

Bilaspur town named after the writer of the ‘Mahabharata’ – Maharishi ‘Ved Vyas’ is a historical place. It is supposed that there was an Ashram of Ved Vyas on the bank of a pond situated here. The statue of Uma Mahadev made in 9th-10th century, and statue of Ganesha made in 11th-12th century and remains of Gupta period prove the antecedence of Kapalmochan. People came from all parts of the country feel spiritual elevated by taking bath here in ponds (kunds) known as Rinmochan, Kapalmochan and Surya kund. There is also a Hindu temple and Gurudawara of Dasham Badshahi.

Ban Santur

This village is situated north east from Chhachhrauli near Kalesar – it is supposed to be connected with King ‘Shantanu’ of Mahabharata.

Buria: A neighbour of Town Jagadhri

A famous town situated 3 k.m. away from Jagadhri and 8 k.m. from Yamunanagar railway station. It is said that Hamayun came here for hunting in Shivalik forests made up a ‘Rang-Mahal’. Many people guess the relation of ‘Rang-Mahal’ of Bhudia to Birbal, one of the Navrattana of Akbar. In nearby Dayalgarh, there is a very beautiful place of worship – the renovated old temple of Shree Pataleshvar Mahadev with a beautiful garden and some ashrams of saints made during mediaeval times.

Sudh, Amadalpur

Patanjali wrote about it in ‘Divya Vadhan’ which prove its presence in 7th century. Today the surya Kund temple of Amadalpur reflects the splendor of medieval India.