Interesting Facts

The soils in the district are mainly silty loam (Khadar), loam (Bhangar and Nardak), and light loam (Seoti). The soils as classified by the national bureau of soil survey and land use planning (icar), Nagpur, the district has mainly udalfs, aquents-fluvents and ochrepts-orthents types of soils.


Na The underground water in the district is generally fresh and suitable for domestic and irrigation purposes. The district has favorable climate for the growth of rich vegetation due to reasonably good rainfall and elevation. Shisham (dalbergia sissoo), kikar (acacia nilotica), Aam (mangifera indica), Jamun (syzygium cumini), pipal (ficus religiosa), Bodh (ficus bengalensis) Neem (azadirachta indica), etc. are the important tree species grown in the area. Safeda (eucalyptus hybrid) has been introduced since 1963 in forest areas as well as on private land and popular is also grown on private land and also along the road routes. The natural vegetation is mainly of forest growth and its degradation stages. Tropical dry deciduous forests and sub-tropical forests are found here.