Food & Supply Revenue Transport Power Public & Health
New Ration Card SC Certificate Learner Driving License New Electricity Connection New Water Connection.
New Ration Card on Surrender Cert. BC Certificate Issuance of Duplicate R.C. Temporary Electricity Connection Sewerage Connection.
Duplicate Ration Card.. OBC Certificate Permanent Driving License Enhancement of Electricity Load  
Surrender Certificate Domicile Certificate Renewal Driving License HUDA/MC
Inclusion of Family Member Tapriwas/VimuktJaati Certificate Duplicate Driving License Health Approval of Building Plans.
Deletion of Family Member Income Certificate. Endors. of New Class in Driving License Issuance of Birth Certification.
Change of Address in Ration Card Rural Area Certificate. Issuance of Conductor License Issuance of Death Certificate.  
Change of Add. with Change of FPS Registration of Property/Land Registration of New Vehicles    
  Sanction of Mutation of Land Transfer of Ownership.    
  Copy of Land Record. Issuance of NOC         
  Know Your Property Detail